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vision is our dominant sense…

… when we use it to our advantage,

sales follow.

Do you need well written copy in your marketing materials? Of course. Do you need a smooth customer experience? Absolutely. But more than anything else, you need smart design. Without it, decision making slows down and hesitation creeps in for your customers

I’m Eric Pertzog, founder and principal of grafico designs. As a designer, I’ve been helping clients connect with their customers for over 17 years. I specialize in the hospitality and travel industry, however I have also served clients in industries from sports marketing to healthcare to real estate, and everything in between.

I believe design can communicate value, impact decision making and improve perceptions of quality. Smart design can help your organization build trust with its customers and drive sales too.

Let me show you how.

  1. I split time between my studio in the sunshine of Fort Lauderdale and the steel city of Pittsburgh (depending on hurricane season!).
  2. After running numerous half marathons over the years, I completed my first (and only) full marathon in 2019.
  3. My design aesthetic has often been inspired by the some of the incredible places I’ve seen… Buenos Aires, Barcelona, Kyoto and Ho Chi Minh City to name a few.
  4. Want to chat about something else besides design? Donnie Darko, Twin Peaks and The Beatles’ Tomorrow Never Knows are just a few pop culture topics I’ll discuss for hours.

Spark any thoughts? Let’s start a conversation.


    Get in Touch

    Contact me for custom based solutions, questions about our products or if you just want to talk about your project ideas.

    534 ne 7th ave #1, fort lauderdale, fl 33301


    office hours
    Mon – Fri: 8am – 6pm EST.